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According to the Dubrovnik Archive, the Crvik family has lived in Konavle since 1500, when it is known that Jakov Crvik died. The family has been growing vines for several centuries, but started with wine production more than 100 years ago, in 1897, when the first generation of winemakers of the family or more precisely, great grandfather Andro, built his wine cellar, “vinica”, how it’s called in Konavle. The second and third generation, son Rado and grandson Andro, continued with production and in 1958 planted a vineyard that still exists today. Vinica becomes the center of life of the family, which produces wine through a turbulent century. After the establishment of the state of Croatia, it began to seriously engage in wine production, ie bottling wine. In 1993, Andro Crvik, the third generation of winemakers in the family, turned a new page in the history of the winery, and expanded production and built a modern winery. Since then, Crvik wines are starting to receive awards at various competitions throughout Croatia. The fourth generation, son Petar, enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb in 2006 and brought innovations in wine production and encouraged the rebranding of wine, which led to winning awards at international competitions. The winery is located in Konavle, a green oasis not far from Dubrovnik, in the picturesque village of Komaji located in a forest on the hills between Konavle field on one side and the sea on the other. Within the village there are small karst fields 100-500 meters wide, which extend from Cavtat to Vitaljina, known as Konavle's "crvenica".