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Red wines

Red wines


Plavac mali – Merlot

Cuvée made from one of the most famous Croatian variety, Plavac mali, and a worldwide famous Merlot.


Merlot barrique

Merlot found an ideal refuge in the red sandy soil of the Southern side of Konavle terroir. A strong robust body with plentiful scents and aromas of dark fruits has matured in barrique barrels thus making this wine truly desirable.


Plavac mali selection

A well known indigenous Dalmatian variety cultivated in small karst land plots of red soil of Konavle. Full-bodied, rich scents and aromas of the variety, this wine is very attractive as it is aged in small barrique barrels.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon fits perfectly into the small karst fields on the south side of Konavle, where it gives outstanding results. Aged in small oak barrels, it has rich fruity aromas and flavors, and aromas of dark fruit, as well as a pleasant freshness.

Vilin ples

Cabernet sauvignon - Merlot - Plavac​

Worldwide known varieties have created here a truly exquisite wine along with local Plavac. Fruit scent and dark fruit aromas, a strong body, and light tannins are the characteristics of the first Cuvée from the area of Konavle.